16 Ways How to legally screw over your landlord

As both a renter and a landlord, I’ve ruined the lives of both landlords and tenants. I had a lot of fun taking advantage of my opponents and “getting even”. I spent a lot of time playing these games. Then something unexpected occurred. I went through a period of maturation. Wasted time and energy on hobbies that didn’t assist me at all was an eye-opening realization. We have just one chance at this life. Make a fresh start. Make eye contact with these folks and then go on.
To save money, landlords often go for the cheapest paint available. Then they want the renter to reimburse the cost of “so-called” damages when the paint peels away throughout the course of the rental period.
Make sure your suite is as good as new, if not better. Fix any aesthetic damage that may have occurred while you were renting the unit.

How to legally screw over your landlord

  1. Begin prepping something flavorful, such as smoked salmon.
  2. Unclothed, answer the door. Observe from a distance while they take in the surroundings.
  3. A banana and a large container of vaseline are good examples of ‘interesting’ things that may be placed in the centre of an otherwise clean table.
  4. Argue with another family member over anything, like whose turn it is to wash the clothes.
  5. Rest your body and mind by returning to your bed. Attend the whole concert if you can.
  6. No one may enter your unit without your permission, even the landlord or a repairman (Castle Doctrine).
  7. At least 48 hours’ notice is required before a landlord enters a tenant’s property, and the landlord may only enter without notice in the event of an emergency.
  8. Check the 311 website to learn how many complaints have been filed for your address and the nature of those complaints.
  9. Ask the building or management office for a background check on your landlord and the property firm.
  10. It’s possible to negotiate the rent, but your landlord’s willingness to do so will vary.
  11. It is possible that a room be regarded a firetrap if it lacks a closet or a window.

12. No Way to Get to the Gutters

Several housing violation notifications were allegedly sent to Lanford, Alabama, by the inspector in accordance with court records. A refrigerator issue, a smoke detector issue, and a basement water issue were all on the to-do list. As one of Lanford’s lawyers put it, Linen also complained about the accumulation of leaves in the gutter and a faulty toilet handle that produced a leak.

13. They Reappear, Crawling

I began to collect cockroaches in jars and store them for future use. A week later, my jar was full with live cockroaches, so I went down to the office of the property manager and paid my $10. When the secretary in the lobby inquired about my needs, I answered, “I assumed I owed them some money, but wasn’t sure how much.” I was completely alone when the secretary stood up and exited the lobby to go for my file.

14. Rat has a distinct odor.

The spare key to his residence was cut and carried about with me at all times… As soon as he refused to refund my payment, I got to work on my game plan. I sat and waited. And then there was the waiting. And then there was a period of time. Finally, three months after I left, I went to a pet shop and purchased several frozen rats. I suppose they’re meant to be snake food. He and the other renters had to go by the time I was done with him. Finally, after feeding his dog some goodies and dropping the frozen mice one by one inside of his beloved piano, I entered and left.

15. It’s Me!

At this point, the tenant, an attorney representing herself, counter-filed a complaint alleging “chronically malfunctioning appliances,” “utilities,” “plumbing,” and “attachments” in violation of the housing code.

16. Windows are open.

Once upon a time, I was the victim of a lousy landlord. The property was a slumlord’s sh*thole since he wouldn’t replace broken windows before I moved there. My following six months in my new apartment were paid for because I was able to sue him in small claims court for a variety of reasons.

Final Words: How to legally screw over your landlord

Because of my job, I can appreciate the tenant’s point of view but it still comes off as a snobbish move. The most effective types of vengeance are not those that involve destroying someone else’s property, but rather those that involve utterly obliterating the victim.

In order to avoid any confusion, your buddy should have left an explanation for what he’d done and how long the Landlord would have to search the premises. Because of this, renting out the home would be impossible for months at a time. Landlord would have gone crazy, tearing the property up to find out what was going on. Retribution in the form of Landlord self-inflicted property damage is the most effective form of retribution.

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