How To Pick The Best Washer And Dryer For A Rental Property

When deciding on a washer and dryer for a rental property, it’s important to think about things like: -The size and kind of the machine, such as whether it’s stackable, side-by-side, front-loading, or top-loading. Energy and water efficiency are other crucial factors to think about, along with the machine’s operation mode (coin-op or standard commercial … Read more

Buildium Tutorial For Beginners

A Brief Introduction to BuildiumIn light of the many requests for one-on-one assistance I’ve had since publishing the Buildium Review, I’ve decided to put together this instructional. Buildium has been a staple of my property management firm for over a decade, and during that time I have found it to be both user-friendly and intuitive. … Read more

How To Bid On Hubzu Com And Win The Strategy Used For Successful Auctions

It’s not a secret, and it’s not hard to figure out.Successful bidding requires patience and self-control to avoid bidding too high.To win a bid for the property you desire, you must attend all auctions, bid patiently, and spend no more than you can afford. Successful Bidding on Tactics Behind the Scenes I will tell … Read more

Starting Your Own Property Management Company A Guide For Landlords

So, you’re a landlord who’d want to establish your own property management business. If so, you’ll find this information useful. When it comes to starting your own property management firm, we’ll go through the essentials and point out the advantages and disadvantages. If you are a Landlord, why launch a property management company? Because of … Read more

House Rehab Estimator

how much does it cost to go to rehab? The first step is to take a walk around the jobsite.1. Break the Project into Smaller Pieces. Step 2: Determine the scope of the project. Step 3: Begin the estimation process. Step 5: Completing the Project. Three Quick-Fix Methods. Method based on price per square foot. … Read more