MLM in real estate

What is the MLM model for real estate agents? I might have the ideal MLM strategy for you! My mentor at ACN is an estate agent, and gets a recurring payment for each property that he offers for sale! ACN provides the essential services every commercial or residential homeowner or renter would require to run … Read more

Easiest state to get a real estate license

Our research shows that Massachusetts is the easiest state in the US for Real Estate exams. As far as most candidates are concerned, it’s a rather straightforward process. Pre-licensing courses in the state only need 40 hours of instruction. A state-approved real estate school must be completed before to taking the exam. Pre-licensing classroom or … Read more

Unauthorized Occupant Notice

Benjamin Franklin said visitors and fish smell following three days. Regardless of the negligible norms of individual cleanliness in the eighteenth 100 years, we’re almost certain he wasn’t discussing not showering (however assuming that is starting a ruckus in your investment property we really do have an Offensive Odors notice). Rather, he was alluding to … Read more

Landlords Are You Responsible For Air Duct Cleaning?

By regulation, landowners are expected to give protected and livable lodging to their inhabitants. The HVAC framework, nonetheless, lands some in the middle between those lines. An air pipe cleaning may not be legally necessary, yet ought to be considered via property managers. Who is responsible for maintaining the HVAC service? How should the upkeep … Read more

Nevada Landlord Tenant Laws

In this section, we’ll address some of the most commonly asked questions people have concerning Nevada’s landlord-tenant legislation. Instead of trying to provide you legal counsel, we’d want to steer you in the correct place. The whole body of Nevada law is available for your perusal. What is the required notice period for a tenant … Read more

Maryland Landlord Tenant Laws

Landlords cannot reclaim ownership of the property or the leased space without due process of law. A tenant has the right to call a locksmith at the Landlord’s expense in the event of a lockout, have new locks installed, and regain access to the premises. Summary of Landlord-Tenant Laws in Maryland Once landlords and renters … Read more

Louisiana Landlord Tenant Laws

Rights of Landlords and Tenants in Louisiana A landlord-tenant relationship is created under Louisiana law (Code Title VIII) upon the timely payment of rent in return for occupancy of real property (even without a written or oral agreement). Landlords in Louisiana have certain rights, such as the ability to seek evictions in the event of … Read more

Business Directory Foreclosure Disclosure

Foreclosure and Information Revealing in Real Estate Oftentimes, people misinterpret what is said or implied during real estate transactions if specific information are revealed. The exact nature of potential aid is often unknown. This might be because disclosure regulations are always shifting. Potential property buyers and sellers, as well as real estate agents and brokers, … Read more

Florida Landlord Tenant Law Security Deposit And Normal Wear And Tear

Laws generally do not punish people for “ordinary deterioration” of their property. It is against the law to remove from a tenant’s security deposit any amount equal to the decrease in value of the property as a result of ordinary wear and tear. Defining “normal wear and tear” under Florida’s landlord-tenant rules may be a … Read more