Florida Lease Renewal Laws

In Florida, the lease is expected to finish at the conclusion of the rental period unless the agreement explicitly indicates otherwise. When a lease does not have a set end date, the tenant must inform the landlord of his or her desire to terminate or extend the lease. Termination of a Rental Agreement without Following … Read more

Florida Landlord Tenant Law Security Deposit And Normal Wear And Tear

Laws generally do not punish people for “ordinary deterioration” of their property. It is against the law to remove from a tenant’s security deposit any amount equal to the decrease in value of the property as a result of ordinary wear and tear. Defining “normal wear and tear” under Florida’s landlord-tenant rules may be a … Read more

Eviction Process In Florida

First, the landlord must provide notice in writing. Causes for a written eviction notice… The second step involves serving the tenant with a complaint and summons. Tenants who refuse to vacate may face legal action from their landlords. Third, the tenant must answer the complaint. To Address the Concerns Raised…. Here we are at Step … Read more

Does A Landlord Have To Provide A Working Air Conditioner In Florida

Despite popular misconception, landlords in Florida are not required to supply air conditioning or to fix any auxiliary equipment. Florida tenants: how long may your landlord go without providing air conditioning? Time Period: One WeekFlorida is not among the states that mandate air conditioning in rental units. The landlord, however, often provides a functional air … Read more

How To Do A Title Search In Florida

Note: Kindly take the basic information from here but always consult the relevant authorities for precise and updated information. Step-by-step instructions are provided below for doing a title search in Florida. Step 1: Find out which county the property is inStep 2: The Tax Collector’s website is a good place to begin Step 3: Verify … Read more