MLM in real estate

What is the MLM model for real estate agents? I might have the ideal MLM strategy for you! My mentor at ACN is an estate agent, and gets a recurring payment for each property that he offers for sale! ACN provides the essential services every commercial or residential homeowner or renter would require to run … Read more

Landlord never sent lease renewal

If you’re nervous, you’re correct. You have three choices as a market-rate apartment renter: your lease will be renewed at the same rent, at a higher rent, or it won’t be renewed at all. Because of New York’s skyrocketing costs, many renters should anticipate a rise in their monthly rent when they renew their lease. … Read more

Easiest state to get a real estate license

Our research shows that Massachusetts is the easiest state in the US for Real Estate exams. As far as most candidates are concerned, it’s a rather straightforward process. Pre-licensing courses in the state only need 40 hours of instruction. A state-approved real estate school must be completed before to taking the exam. Pre-licensing classroom or … Read more

Florida Lease Renewal Laws

In Florida, the lease is expected to finish at the conclusion of the rental period unless the agreement explicitly indicates otherwise. When a lease does not have a set end date, the tenant must inform the landlord of his or her desire to terminate or extend the lease. Termination of a Rental Agreement without Following … Read more

How To Screen Tenants The Right Way

EMPLOYMENT AND LANDLORD CONNECTION Recommendations from previous landlords, previous employers, and personal references are all important when renting an apartment. Verifying that they have supplied correct information on their application, that their prior rental has been left in excellent shape, and that they are presently employed are all made easier with this piece of information. … Read more

Unauthorized Occupant Notice

Benjamin Franklin said visitors and fish smell following three days. Regardless of the negligible norms of individual cleanliness in the eighteenth 100 years, we’re almost certain he wasn’t discussing not showering (however assuming that is starting a ruckus in your investment property we really do have an Offensive Odors notice). Rather, he was alluding to … Read more